Everyday maintenance of jewelry

Now many women, in order to highlight the temperament or to beautiful, there will be many different types of jewelry, such as gold, silver, emeralds, diamonds and so on, but really know how to care for people but is extremely rare, often a period of time after special place to clean up, not only a waste of money but also a waste of time, in fact, jewelry as long as we pay more attention to daily maintenance can be very good.

This type of jewelry is relatively hard, can withstand greater pressure, so everyday wear is no problem, but the diamond jewelry category most in need of attention is not knocking, as long as by the impact, very easy to crack or break anymore whole.

This type of jewelry itself, the price is not low, so the daily maintenance to pay particular attention, because jade jewelry itself will not be too much volume, so if you happen very easily bump whole break anymore, except, jade jewelry category not suitable to wear in hot weather, especially in direct sunlight can cause discoloration.

How should we wear jewellery more beautifully?

In the past, people’s minds, that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, is not suitable for other occasions to wear jewelry, in fact, this is a recognition of bias, as long as the right to wear, can be worn on any occasion jewelry.

In fact, wearing jewelry and clothing with the same, all of the clothes are more familiar with, there is a certain awareness. I know dress, casual dress, casual wear and other differences, and know that on different occasions to wear different clothes. For jewelry to wear, but slightly lack of knowledge.

Clever mix of jewelry, clothing can play a subtle change in shape results, here are the two most important jewelry, necklaces and brooches. Necklace length, texture and color of different design styles, clever mix of clothing can also increase the movement and rhythm.

Orthodox, sophistication, elegance, face correct fit, elegant urban women. Pearl necklace close to the neck, the size of a penny coin earrings and the like can be classical texture of high-grade, straight cut outfits, it can reflect the traditional style of lady.

Strapless dress is more beautiful with jewelry

To want to do how can youth invincible girl in a strapless dress it less sweet yet sexy summer must-have item, but if everyone were so, then with a bit ordinary, that is no surprise, and this time you need to jewelry blessing about it! Mimi jewelry and strapless mix Now that’s really compelling ah!

Is the difference between the same two pictures jewelry necklace, so clear contrast can be seen the importance of accessories, that no accessories this photograph obviously overshadowed many!

Do not bare shoulder was bare neck, so that not only there is no surprise in the upper body and easy to look bloated, wear a necklace may well finish portion of the neck, but also to show their perfect clavicle, really kill two birds with ah!

If the collar is relatively low, then there is need to make too many big necklace exposed portion can also be used like a scarf as chocker cloth hanging!

World’s most expensive ceramic jewelry

Ceramic is an important part of the history of Chinese civilization, representing the artistic and technical characteristics of different dynasties in Chinese history. English in “china” meaning both the Chinese, but also the meaning of ceramics, a clear indication of China is the “hometown of ceramics.” In early European porcelain manufacturing technology to master a thousand years ago, Han had produced a very fine ceramics. China is one of the world’s first application of pottery, porcelain and China because of its high artistic quality and practicality and attracted worldwide admiration.

With the development of modern science and technology over the past century and the emergence of many new varieties of ceramics. They are no longer used or rarely used clay, feldspar, quartz and other traditional ceramic materials, but the use of other special materials, even to non-silicate, non-oxide range and the emergence of many new technology. Therefore, the meaning of ceramics has actually been far beyond the traditional concept of the past narrow. In the jewelry industry, which consists of a ceramic high-precision ceramic hybrid fired with a noble metal alloy powders, and after several rigorous processes and sophisticated track repeatedly polishing machine made, showing what color, all joined by the precious metal component to decide.

This ceramic wear only lightweight, but also has the characteristics of constant temperature, surface temperature can be absorbed by the body, comfortable to wear, and high hardness, never fade, complicated process valuable, is a high-tech product, called the moment the most fashionable gem one of the material, much of the major jewelry brands favored. Trace elements contained in the raw material beneficial to human health. Studies have confirmed that the human body has a ceramic improve metabolism, promote blood circulation and other health effects. Ceramic capable of transmitting at room temperature infrared beneficial to human body, and infrared and infrared wavelength emitted by the human body itself issued its consistent, so that when the ceramic is close to body, can produce resonance phenomenon. Worn on the body, but also beneficial to human health is considered a novel: “green gemstone.”

Shooting skills of jewellery and watches

Note that before the first imaging condition perimeter, so you might consider when shooting scenes using telephoto lenses and more. In addition, be sure not to shoot the effect, time must not forget the surrounding situation or behind, especially on the back of ditches, roads, etc. should pay attention, do not empty foot or vehicular traffic and cause unnecessary harm. Many experienced shooting veteran, all too often because attention is focused on the scene and figures have been taken, but did not notice other hazardous conditions in the process of moving the position of wrestling occurred, even dropping deep collision accident .

Pan is one of the most commonly used technique. When shooting scenes too ambitious, wide-angle lens if not the whole picture entirely filmed, then you should use the “pan” way of shooting. Panning is when the camera site without moving the chassis or the photographer by means of activity on its own human tripod, change the camera optical axis (horizontal or vertical camera movement) shooting method. With panning shots of pictures called panning, panning up and down general panning left and right panning methods. Many people tend to grasp when applying panning speed and angle of rotation is not good, so that the screen is not smooth shake, mainly because there is no pan grasp the essentials.

“Panning shot” shooting the camera mounted on a moving object along the motion carried, with a mobile imaging method known as mobile camera footage, called shift lens. Shooting is very easy to move with a digital camera. Shooting can be used to move the picture frame is always in motion, an object within the picture, whether in motion or at rest, will be showing a position of constantly moving trend. Panning shot is generally divided into before and after the move to shoot, shoot and move around, shoot and move up and down movement arc shooting and so in several ways.

Women good at wearing jewelry make more money

There is a recent University of Chicago study pointed out that the average salary of the woman will dress up to 20% higher than others. They found more than 14,000 samples to compare their appearance and income, and analysis of their personality types, and finally found that those who bother to dress up their women, income is generally relatively high.

Pretty higher income people, this argument is not uncommon. People often think that good appearance can bring a lot of convenience. Especially women, have a pretty face and a good figure, in the workplace is simply more effective, overcoming all obstacles. We can see most of the woman, the female elite, indeed very seductive. This seductive, is not necessarily a good body appearance is good, more often is the overall feeling: groomed, unique qualities shine.

So MOMO associate, a woman will bring jewelry is not also earn more? Every woman is willing to put in some effort accessories above, others complain about life, when his own decoration more refined confidence, do not believe all you see this actress would often get matching accessories to understand the main magazine broadcast all sorts of praise, get media It favors in her career so smooth and more popular.

How could jewellery go match with your temperament?

Person’s temperament is not the same, some people lively, some people calm, some people are sensitive and some people stiff, so we wear jewelry when worn naturally should have the same qualities of jewelry, because jewelry material color and style of work is different, resulting in jewelry also has a different temperament. Now let’s look at it in two ways.

This temperament is characterized by frank, passionate, flexible response, but self-control is poor, often in the excited state and impulsive, irritable mood, careless things. The impulse of men in the choice of jewelry, you can choose the color simple, concise style, rough jewelry, both to express a bold, bold masculinity, but also reflects the steady and solid sense of maturity. Impulsive women need to choose exquisite detail of jewelery, in the material should be selected jade, pearl, green tourmaline, sapphire light, which can enhance women’s quiet and gentle beauty, a change in the image of impatient impulses.

Active type of person which is characterized by high spirits, energetic, lively and enthusiastic, but the attention and emotions but susceptible to outside influence and shift changes. Jewelry with your temperament to match? Active type male should choose bright colors and strong contrast of jewelry, such as diamonds, dark red, sapphire, cat’s eye stone. In style, trendy bracelet, necklace, ring having angular square plate, etc. can be bold contrast vibrant personality style. Women need to select the type of lively colors and soft, moist texture, gemstone jewelry, pale green jade, moonstone, pink tourmaline, QUARTZ, pink pearls, malachite, etc., can bring peace and lively type of women revealed lingering in affection feelings.