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How could jewellery go match with your temperament?

Person’s temperament is not the same, some people lively, some people calm, some people are sensitive and some people stiff, so we wear jewelry when worn naturally should have the same qualities of jewelry, because jewelry material color and style of work is different, resulting in jewelry also has a different temperament. Now let’s look at it in two ways.

This temperament is characterized by frank, passionate, flexible response, but self-control is poor, often in the excited state and impulsive, irritable mood, careless things. The impulse of men in the choice of jewelry, you can choose the color simple, concise style, rough jewelry, both to express a bold, bold masculinity, but also reflects the steady and solid sense of maturity. Impulsive women need to choose exquisite detail of jewelery, in the material should be selected jade, pearl, green tourmaline, sapphire light, which can enhance women’s quiet and gentle beauty, a change in the image of impatient impulses.

Active type of person which is characterized by high spirits, energetic, lively and enthusiastic, but the attention and emotions but susceptible to outside influence and shift changes. Jewelry with your temperament to match? Active type male should choose bright colors and strong contrast of jewelry, such as diamonds, dark red, sapphire, cat’s eye stone. In style, trendy bracelet, necklace, ring having angular square plate, etc. can be bold contrast vibrant personality style. Women need to select the type of lively colors and soft, moist texture, gemstone jewelry, pale green jade, moonstone, pink tourmaline, QUARTZ, pink pearls, malachite, etc., can bring peace and lively type of women revealed lingering in affection feelings.