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Women good at wearing jewelry make more money

There is a recent University of Chicago study pointed out that the average salary of the woman will dress up to 20% higher than others. They found more than 14,000 samples to compare their appearance and income, and analysis of their personality types, and finally found that those who bother to dress up their women, income is generally relatively high.

Pretty higher income people, this argument is not uncommon. People often think that good appearance can bring a lot of convenience. Especially women, have a pretty face and a good figure, in the workplace is simply more effective, overcoming all obstacles. We can see most of the woman, the female elite, indeed very seductive. This seductive, is not necessarily a good body appearance is good, more often is the overall feeling: groomed, unique qualities shine.

So MOMO associate, a woman will bring jewelry is not also earn more? Every woman is willing to put in some effort accessories above, others complain about life, when his own decoration more refined confidence, do not believe all you see this actress would often get matching accessories to understand the main magazine broadcast all sorts of praise, get media It favors in her career so smooth and more popular.