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Shooting skills of jewellery and watches

Note that before the first imaging condition perimeter, so you might consider when shooting scenes using telephoto lenses and more. In addition, be sure not to shoot the effect, time must not forget the surrounding situation or behind, especially on the back of ditches, roads, etc. should pay attention, do not empty foot or vehicular traffic and cause unnecessary harm. Many experienced shooting veteran, all too often because attention is focused on the scene and figures have been taken, but did not notice other hazardous conditions in the process of moving the position of wrestling occurred, even dropping deep collision accident .

Pan is one of the most commonly used technique. When shooting scenes too ambitious, wide-angle lens if not the whole picture entirely filmed, then you should use the “pan” way of shooting. Panning is when the camera site without moving the chassis or the photographer by means of activity on its own human tripod, change the camera optical axis (horizontal or vertical camera movement) shooting method. With panning shots of pictures called panning, panning up and down general panning left and right panning methods. Many people tend to grasp when applying panning speed and angle of rotation is not good, so that the screen is not smooth shake, mainly because there is no pan grasp the essentials.

“Panning shot” shooting the camera mounted on a moving object along the motion carried, with a mobile imaging method known as mobile camera footage, called shift lens. Shooting is very easy to move with a digital camera. Shooting can be used to move the picture frame is always in motion, an object within the picture, whether in motion or at rest, will be showing a position of constantly moving trend. Panning shot is generally divided into before and after the move to shoot, shoot and move around, shoot and move up and down movement arc shooting and so in several ways.