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World’s most expensive ceramic jewelry

Ceramic is an important part of the history of Chinese civilization, representing the artistic and technical characteristics of different dynasties in Chinese history. English in “china” meaning both the Chinese, but also the meaning of ceramics, a clear indication of China is the “hometown of ceramics.” In early European porcelain manufacturing technology to master a thousand years ago, Han had produced a very fine ceramics. China is one of the world’s first application of pottery, porcelain and China because of its high artistic quality and practicality and attracted worldwide admiration.

With the development of modern science and technology over the past century and the emergence of many new varieties of ceramics. They are no longer used or rarely used clay, feldspar, quartz and other traditional ceramic materials, but the use of other special materials, even to non-silicate, non-oxide range and the emergence of many new technology. Therefore, the meaning of ceramics has actually been far beyond the traditional concept of the past narrow. In the jewelry industry, which consists of a ceramic high-precision ceramic hybrid fired with a noble metal alloy powders, and after several rigorous processes and sophisticated track repeatedly polishing machine made, showing what color, all joined by the precious metal component to decide.

This ceramic wear only lightweight, but also has the characteristics of constant temperature, surface temperature can be absorbed by the body, comfortable to wear, and high hardness, never fade, complicated process valuable, is a high-tech product, called the moment the most fashionable gem one of the material, much of the major jewelry brands favored. Trace elements contained in the raw material beneficial to human health. Studies have confirmed that the human body has a ceramic improve metabolism, promote blood circulation and other health effects. Ceramic capable of transmitting at room temperature infrared beneficial to human body, and infrared and infrared wavelength emitted by the human body itself issued its consistent, so that when the ceramic is close to body, can produce resonance phenomenon. Worn on the body, but also beneficial to human health is considered a novel: “green gemstone.”