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Strapless dress is more beautiful with jewelry

To want to do how can youth invincible girl in a strapless dress it less sweet yet sexy summer must-have item, but if everyone were so, then with a bit ordinary, that is no surprise, and this time you need to jewelry blessing about it! Mimi jewelry and strapless mix Now that’s really compelling ah!

Is the difference between the same two pictures jewelry necklace, so clear contrast can be seen the importance of accessories, that no accessories this photograph obviously overshadowed many!

Do not bare shoulder was bare neck, so that not only there is no surprise in the upper body and easy to look bloated, wear a necklace may well finish portion of the neck, but also to show their perfect clavicle, really kill two birds with ah!

If the collar is relatively low, then there is need to make too many big necklace exposed portion can also be used like a scarf as chocker cloth hanging!