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How should we wear jewellery more beautifully?

In the past, people’s minds, that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, is not suitable for other occasions to wear jewelry, in fact, this is a recognition of bias, as long as the right to wear, can be worn on any occasion jewelry.

In fact, wearing jewelry and clothing with the same, all of the clothes are more familiar with, there is a certain awareness. I know dress, casual dress, casual wear and other differences, and know that on different occasions to wear different clothes. For jewelry to wear, but slightly lack of knowledge.

Clever mix of jewelry, clothing can play a subtle change in shape results, here are the two most important jewelry, necklaces and brooches. Necklace length, texture and color of different design styles, clever mix of clothing can also increase the movement and rhythm.

Orthodox, sophistication, elegance, face correct fit, elegant urban women. Pearl necklace close to the neck, the size of a penny coin earrings and the like can be classical texture of high-grade, straight cut outfits, it can reflect the traditional style of lady.